//How can you make use of the chopsticks?

How can you make use of the chopsticks?

It is really a great riddle for many to know how to use chopsticks? But actually it is not considered as a difficult task. The proper level of chopstick techniques should be used when you are using the chopsticks.

When you are using for the first time then you can follow the instruction that is given below

  • First there it is required for you to place one of your stick in your hand and hold them as like a pencil except at the top of its bottom.
  • You need to have a solid grip on the stick and it would give you a comfortable control at the end.
  • After that place your next stick in your groove of your thumb and for holding it you can use your ring finger against your hand steadily.

Once the chopstick in correct position you can start moving them to fetch the delicious dish from the plate and you can start tasting it.

If you are still confused then what to do

If you are still in confusing mindset thinking about how to use chopsticks in the restaurant when you are eating along with your friends or in meeting there you can use some of the alternative methods that are available.

You can go through some of the online videos that would sure guide you about how to catch and hold them in your hands. You can practice that by seeing it in your home this would give you a confident for you to handle them. When you have a regular practice then without any hesitation you can easily make use of the chopsticks while you are eating in the rocking restaurants.

Not only videos even you can go through some of the online guide with images that can support you. If not you can ask help from your friends because learning something from the person who knows well about is not bad.

Ready steady go

Now you would have got some clear ideas about how should you make use of the chopstick. Then why are you waiting you can start using them. While you are handling the chopstick there it is required for you to remain one of the stick would remains stationary and the other is used for pinch and control of the food. It is required for you to know to shift your forefinger slightly for opening the chopsticks that too without losing your grip on the stick which is pinned in your third finger.

Usually the larger pieces are easier for you to pick up until you get hanged on the things. Another main reason that you should keep in mind is that you should leave your hand loose and not grip it so tight. When you started doing it sure you would be a rocking hero in the party where ever you go. Even there is a chance for the people to get impressed on you through seeing your expressive style of handling chopsticks.