//3 Ways You Can Integrate Fruits into Your Summer Menu

3 Ways You Can Integrate Fruits into Your Summer Menu

It is never too early to start thinking about your next seasonal menu since what goes in one month might not carry over to the next. Having a basic framework menu can help you make new adjustments to prices of ingredients or trends in the culinary scene.

Big brands have seasonal offerings that are not only catering to the taste of the time but also banking on their temporary presence on the market. Limited edition drinks or dishes have become something awaited and looked forward to by consumers. Your offerings should be no different.

Mix drinks (both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety)

Fruit juices may be a staple year-round, but the summer is a great time to get creative. Trips to the beach, meeting up with friends, or participating in your favourite sport—these are all activities to “beat the heat”. Being amongst friends and being dehydrated is a given.

For non-alcoholic drinks, you can make a zesty option by playing around with sodas and sparkling ciders. You can add real fruit juice or add fruit bits to add dimension to the drink. For alcoholic beverages, you can limit your options to sangria blends or mimosas to keep it fruity and light.

If you are targeting a younger audience, or a more health conscious market, smoothies can be just as good an addition as your sodas and cocktails.

Make desserts (as the star or accent)

Given fruit’s natural sweetness it is often featured in desserts and treats. To set your dessert menu apart, pick tart citrusy flavours for that extra kick needed when you are more active or whatever is in season in your area.

For baked goods, you can make an upside-down cake, berry pie, or a crumb cake with dried fruits. Cakes and pies are rich and heavy enough to stand on their own as a snack. For those who want to stay cool, you can do yogurt or ice cream mixed with berries or peaches. They are easy to create thanks to IQF fruit suppliers in the UK. 

Match with an entrée (layer savoury with sweet)

Fruits can have a place on your main menu as well. Grapes and oranges can be featured in your next salad if your selection is typically limited to greens. Apples, goat’s cheese, and crackers can be a light appetizer. The sweetness or tartness can add another layer to your generally savoury dishes.

For main entrees, you can feature the fruit in the sauce. You can add a mango salsa to your pan-seared fish. You can add apples to your chicken breast or pork chop.

Your menu for the summer should reflect the vibrant playfulness that rolls by with the heat. Fruits not only add another dimension to the summer experience via the tongue but also via the eyes. They help add a visual appeal that can make the overall eating experience enjoyable. Plan and make a summer menu no one can forget.