//Adding some interest to your salad
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Adding some interest to your salad

Salads are incredibly good for you are a quick an easy lunch option especially if you get a bit bored of the normal sandwich. There are numerous options available in restaurants that will often display their salad items in a Saladette Counter like the ones available from www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-refrigeration-brands/i-l/interlevin/interlevin-esa900-refrigerated-saladette-counter

If you are looking to add an extra dimeson and some interest to your next salad you might want to consider including some of the options below:

Roasting some vegetables

Adding some roasted root vegetables to your dish adds a nice natural sweetness and you can use everything from peppers, onions, beetroot, pumpkin, butternut squash and even sweet potatoes. If you are using fresh cool salad leaves alongside these vegetables, then it is best to let them cool a little before adding them to your dish otherwise you will find that the leaves of the lettuce etc will start to wilt. An alternative is to sauté some greens like kale and spinach and have these warm with your vegetable additions.

Seeds, seeds and more seeds

Adding seeds to any dish like a salad will give a crunch to the dish. You can add everything from sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds or perhaps add a few of your favourite nuts such as walnuts or flaked almonds over the top of your dish.

Spice it up

If you want to have some natural heat to your dish you could consider adding chilli flakes or perhaps drizzling over some chilli oil. Mixing in some fresh herbs such as parsley and basil can add some freshness to the meal. You can add any spices or herbs that you like to your dish some you may want to add into a drizzling oil whilst others, like garlic, you can simply toast and add to the dish.

Pulses make a difference

If you are not a big fan of seeds or nuts or perhaps they are something you aren’t able to eat you can add pulses like beans and lentils to your salad instead to achieve a similar effect and they also help to bulk out your salad with helpful nutrients and will also help to keep you fuller for longer, thereby helping to prevent you from snacking in the afternoon.

Don’t forget your fruits

Adding fruit to your salad gives it a nice kick and taste of freshness and the fruit can also help to cleanse the palette of the other flavours in your dish which means that each mouthful becomes a flavour sensation. Popular fruits to add include apples, pears, oranges and pomegranate and even peaches.