//What You Should Know About Fine Dining Restaurants

What You Should Know About Fine Dining Restaurants

When you make a reservation for a fancy restaurant, you expect to have an enjoyable experience, especially when the prices are high. But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your favorite restaurant? Quite frankly, there are things that happen at some 5-star restaurants that might surprise you. They are the kinds of things that people in the restaurant industry don’t really talk about unless they are amongst themselves.

You probably won’t be surprised to know that restaurant markups are sometimes exorbitant, but you might be surprised to find out what happens behind the scenes. For starters, there’s a good chance that another person’s saliva is in your food. There have been a variety of books and articles about the food industry that have revealed this fact. It happens when chefs and others responsible for food quality taste the dish to ensure it’s up to par while using the same sampling utensil. It’s something that happens so frequently, that it’s become an accepted practice.

When you go to a fancy restaurant, you expect to pay for a quality meal, but you probably didn’t know that the markup for your meal can be as high as 900 percent, and sometimes higher. The markup is typically the function of overhead and everything that it takes to run a restaurant. If you’re ordering Dungeness crab, then the markup makes sense, but paying such a high markup for a burger might not feel acceptable. The markup tends to be about the same, regardless of what it cost the restaurant. This is one of the ways that restaurants improve their profit margin.

If you’ve ever been impressed by the level of service provided by wait staff, you’re not alone. They have a lot of information to remember and it often changes every night. When it comes to the promotion of daily specials, it’s actually something that’s done to get rid of food and different ingredients that have been in the kitchen for a while. When you hear an overview of specials on a menu, you might want to move on to something else.

A lot of restaurants operate on a budget and can’t afford to waste anything, but did you know that they sometimes sell individuals glasses of wine that’s taken from a full bottle from the prior day. It’s a common practice that even happens in some of the best restaurants. This is one of the reasons why a single class of wine purchased in a restaurant doesn’t always taste as fresh as it should. The same applies to the reserve wine list. People who work in the restaurant industry are not likely to order reserve wine.

If you find yourself needing to make a reservation for a restaurant that’s packed, you would be wise to call and request the reservation by phone because restaurants don’t like it when reservations are made online or by email. There’s a belief that people who make reservations electronically are less likely to show up.